Do this when you wake up at 3am

It’s normal to wake up during the night, we all do it several times. Usually we don’t remember them because not only are they short, we also just roll over and slip back into sleep.

However, when you find yourself lying in bed around 3am or the witching hour, as some call it, unable to get back to sleep, quiet quickly your mind starts to get busy with thinking. Racing from one thought to the next with no end in sight, your mind can feel like washing machine stuck in the spinning cycle. Then there is this strong feeling of anxiety in your tummy or chest that suddenly pings up. Your heart is pounding loud and fast. You can’t stop tossing and turning wishing to be anywhere but here in your bed. 

Can poor sleep make you feel lonely?

In this article I explore the relationship between poor sleep, social isolation and loneliness, its potential causes, and give some pointers on how to improve the situation starting with sleep (naturally).  

Sleep is eco-friendly and sustainable

Sustainability and sleep – at a first glance it might not be obvious whether there’s a connection between the two. But on reflection, I think there is one. In fact, there are four specific links I can see.  

The Goodness of Sleep

Re-cap: Sleep is the foundation your physical and mental health rest on. Or rather it is healthy sleep – sleep of adequate duration and quality – that supports your health and wellbeing. It plays an active role in enabling your body and mind to function so that you can excel in all areas of life.

Good leaders sleep well

Enlightened leaders know: a great day starts the night before, not from the buzz of that first cup of coffee or tea. However, while caffeine may get you up and moving, especially on cold, dark mornings, it takes a good night’s sleep to properly fire up cognitive functions such as problem-solving and creative thinking. Good sleep is also essential for physical health, as well as for regulating emotions and maintaining resilience in the workplace. Key qualities of any effective, productive and respected boss. 

Women’s sleep differently

While sleep is usually fine for the first half of the menstrual cycle, many women feel more tired during the latter half. Sleep is more disturbed at this stage, and the risk of anxiety and depression is higher. Compared to men, women are more vulnerable to the emotional effects of poor sleep. And we tend to experience more anxiety the day after too! So what’s driving these sleep problems? Biology and much more!

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Want to make sense of sleep?

I wrote Sleep Sense to share my fascination with sleep with all of you. To help you understand why sleep is important for every single one of us. My aim is to empower you to take steps that are right for you to sleep well.

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Feeling a little tired today? The clocks may change overnight, however, our bodies need a little longer to adjust. The clock change in the Spring is certainly worse for overall health and wellbeing; losing of sleep can have a significant impact. An earlier night when the clocks go forward can be helpful in managing the impact, but this doesn’t always fit without plans and lifestyles. So, if you didn’t manage to get a super early night on Saturday, try to give yourself a little compassion in the coming week. Since there’s no such thing as ‘catching up’ on Sleep, we need to ensure that we are not beating ourselves up about feeling tired and instead, ensuring we prioritise sleep to lessen the impact of ’lost sleep’.Be kind to yourself & rest your body when you can. Kat xP.S If you’d like to read more about this, I was recently featured in Psychologies Magazine taking about Circadian Rhythm and seasonal changes like this.#ClockChange #SpringForward #BritishSummerTime #Sleep #Tiredness #SleepTips #Wellbeing #WomensHealth ... See MoreSee Less
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