Don’t wait for holiday. Start recovering now! Here is how.

Recovery happens as part of sleep but also during the day. Here I share tips on how to recover while being awake.

Sleep during the Menopausal Transition

Dr Kat explains how poor sleep reduces quality of life and adds to the feeling of losing control during the perimenopause.

A compassionate approach to poor sleep during the perimenopause

Many women going through the perimenopause (or menopausal transition) experience disturbed sleep. It’s one, if not the, core symptom of this period. According to research, up to 60% of menopausal women suffer from poor sleep – which also has a knock-on effect on their family, work and social lives. 

Adopting a compassionate attitude, i.e. taking a moment to respectfully observe yourself struggling with the aim to support yourself, can help to alleviate poor sleep and its daytime consequences.

Tips on Social Isolation and Sleeping Well

Dr Kat has put together some practical tips on how to sleep well while working from home in the face of Covid-19 to support your health and performance.

Healthy Sleep – What it is and Why it Matters

Chances are that when reading about sleep you’ll have come across the term ‘healthy sleep’ or ‘sleep health’. Often there isn’t much of an explanation what those terms refer to and you might have wondered what they actually mean. What is healthy sleep? And after all, isn’t all sleep healthy? Good questions! Well to answer the second question first: no, not all sleep is healthy. But we can do a lot to make it healthy!

How to use sleep smartly in your business

Employees are an organisation’s biggest asset. Or to be more specific, productive employees are. But what makes employees productive and keeps them engaged? Humans aren’t robots who can be left alone to work 24/7. What do employees need to do if they want to be as effective as possible? The answer is to maintain good health, both physically and mentally. But what fosters these? Sleep.

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Want to make sense of sleep?

I wrote Sleep Sense to share my fascination with sleep with all of you. To help you understand why sleep is important for every single one of us. My aim is to empower you to take steps that are right for you to sleep well.

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Have you tried sleeping pills to banish your insomnia? Many of us have, with mixed results. One of my biggest issues with traditional sleeping pills is the fact a regular user will quickly build a tolerance.That then means you need to up your dose, and THAT is the time for concern about the side effects. Because the more you take, the higher the risk you’ll experience them.There is a place for sleeping pills, but that is not the way I work long-term.I work with my clients to discover the root of their poor sleep and approach it with small but powerful changes to improve lifestyle and therefore experience with sleep. I'm quoted in an a recent article for @Esquire which looks at the rise in sleep supplements out there & the pros and cons of trying them head to my bio of you'd like to read it. #Sleep #sleepsupplements #sleepsupport #sleepwell #wellbeing #wellness #insomnia ... See MoreSee Less
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