Sleep Coaching by Dr Kat

Sleeping well is a basic human right.

And yet, sometimes it can be a struggle.  

Hello, I’m Dr Kat. I help women who are struggling to sleep do that one thing they really want to do: sleep well again.  

Because not sleeping well simply takes the joy out of your day.

Sure, you still do all the things you have to do, but there’s something missing. Maybe you feel you’re letting others and yourself down. That’s a painful feeling. One that can make you feel lonely too.

I can help you get the sleep you need by taking a scientific, holistic and collaborative approach to sleep problems and insomnia. So you recover the energy and mental space you desire to enjoy your life to its fullest. 

Remember how deeply and well you slept as a child? I can’t make you young again, but I believe that together we can get some of that calm feeling back.”

Dr. Kat

I believe that letting go of ‘sleep rules’ leads to sleeping well again.

Do you blame yourself for not sleeping? Do you tell yourself in order to sleep you have to do the right things and do them perfectly? May I ask, how is this working for you?

What if, instead of focusing on “don’ts” or instilling harsh and controlling rules, together we craft a Personalised Sleep Plan to meet your specific needs? And learn to listen a little less to that critical inner voice?  

If you’re willing to put the work in, it often only takes a few sessions to set you on the path to better sleep habits. We’ll meet on video chat, and work together to develop the skills you need to get the rest you want.

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Want to make sense of sleep?

I wrote Sleep Sense to share my fascination with sleep with all of you. To help you understand why sleep is important for every single one of us. My aim is to empower you to take steps that are right for you to sleep well.

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👑 🏰 💭 Enter the #QueendomOfSleep!I work with women to help them find restful sleep. One of the most important things is that we feel physically & mentally safe in a space that welcomes us into #sleep.🌜 The final destination of the day is our own personal Queendom of Sleep, a sanctuary we can step into, and the best route there is via our personally laid stepping stones.These stepping stones do not need to be a rigid route; they can be skipped or hopped over depending on your time, your schedule, your mood or your needs.Your stepping stones to your Queendom are your ways to wind down, take time for yourself and prepare the optimum environment and a helpful mindset for sleep.Make it what you need. 👸 Women sleep differently and suffer from more sleep problems than men (as a general rule), so Queens, take the time for you and your sleep. 👑If you want to chat a little more and think you need help with your own sleep, get in #sleepcoach #sleephelp #sleeptips #sleepbetter #womenshealth #womenswellness #womenshealthcoach #femalehealth #femalebody #healthandwellbeing #chronobiology #chronotype #menopause #menopausesupport #menopauserelief #menopausesymptoms #menopausehealth #menopauseawareness #menopausehelp ... See MoreSee Less
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