A compassionate approach to poor sleep during the perimenopause

Many women going through the perimenopause (or menopausal transition) experience disturbed sleep. It’s one, if not the, core symptom of this period. According to research, up to 60% of menopausal women suffer from poor sleep – which also has a knock-on effect on their family, work and social lives. 

Adopting a compassionate attitude, i.e. taking a moment to respectfully observe yourself struggling with the aim to support yourself, can help to alleviate poor sleep and its daytime consequences.

Your Future Self of Sleep

Sleep matters. And while we all know this on a deeper, felt level, many of us tend to ignore our need for healthy sleep. There will be different reasons for this depending on personality and circumstances. But I also wonder if this ignorance of sleep’s benefits for our health is because the negative health consequences of insufficient sleep aren’t always readily noticeable. In other words, sleep is ignored because the future self feels to abstract.

Does daytime napping protect the brain?

Previous studies have shown that napping helps to boost performance. According to a very recent study by Paz et al.1 regularly taking a nap during the day can help to slow down the natural decline in brain volume and maintain brain health.

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Want to make sense of sleep?

I wrote Sleep Sense to share my fascination with sleep with all of you. To help you understand why sleep is important for every single one of us. My aim is to empower you to take steps that are right for you to sleep well.

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Somnia3 days ago
🌎🌳 Amidst the whirlwind of global events, it’s natural for external pressures to seep into our lives, sometimes without us even realizing it.

Eco Anxiety, stemming from concerns about environmental harm or ecological peril, can manifest as depression, trauma, and a sense of helplessness or fear.

But fear not! 😴 Sleep can be a potent ally in quelling these anxieties and managing stress levels. 🙌

How? By nurturing a bedtime routine, staying active, fostering connections, and taking personally meaningful actions. These practices not only help ease worries but also pave the way for restful slumber, a cornerstone of inner calm.

Prioritize self-care and explore the link in our bio for more insights. Together, let’s find solace in the embrace of restful nights and brighter tomorrows. 🌍💤

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