Sleep Coaching Programmes

Whatever is happening in your life, give yourself the gift of a good night’s sleep.

Make it part of your life again.

A range of things can negatively impact the quality and quantity of our sleep, and this can have a profound knock-on effect on how well we function the next day. Modern life presents multiple challenges to sleeping well – its relentless pace can leave little room for quality ‘me time’. Often we also develop unhelpful habits that steal sleep from us, such as staying up late to watch TV or scrolling through social media.

Unfortunately, simply changing a few bad habits may not be enough to improve your insomnia and daytime exhaustion.

Rediscovering good sleep requires a balance of actions and mindfulness.

Start sleeping well.

Somnia’s Personal Sleep Plans offer you the tools, structure, and confidence you need to change your sleep habits, restore your energy and enjoy life.

Your individualised plan is carefully constructed, unique to you, and will empower you with the techniques best suited to help you sleep well again.

Starting is simple: set up an exploratory 15-minute phone call with me to discuss your sleep problems and to learn how Somnia can support you.

Sleep Plans for: