Meet Dr Kat

Sleep therapist who is passionate about helping women sleep well and feel good

I’m a sleep scientist and body clock expert. For me these are the most fascinating topics. That’s because sleep and circadian rhythms are fundamental to everyone’s health and wellbeing; no one can do without them. In other words, everyone needs sleep and needs to pay attention to their rhythmically changing biology. 

And yet, many of us struggle with their sleep. As a woman you are more likely to experience sleep problems than a man. There are many reasons for this. As a female sleep therapist I empathise deeply with women who find it difficult to sleep as well as they would like. As a sleep scientist I also understand female biology and what supports women to sleep well.

And that’s why I have chosen to put my focus on helping women understand their own sleep experience, take steps to sleeping well and feeling good. 

I believe in a mind-body (holistic), non-drug approach to insomnia and sleep problems. I believe in science and evidence-based therapeutic approaches. Hence, I combine proven sleep science with mindfulness and acceptance- and compassion-based therapies to improve the quality of your sleep.   

Dr Kat Lederle
PhD in Human Circadian Physiology & Behaviour
MSc in Biosciences
Author of Sleep Sense

QVC Menopause Your Way

Watch me chatting to Jackie Kabler at QVC about sleep problems during the perimenopause and what you can do about them.


Sleep is the most exquisite invention

Heinrich Heine said the above and he is right. As a child I realised how important and personal sleep is. And as a child I experienced the rhythmic change of the seasons. But it was only as a young adult that I became fully aware of the daily rhythm within us – how every psycho-physiological function in our body is rhythmic too. And, sadly, what can go wrong if we don’t get the sleep and rhythmicity we need.

My curiosity was sparked! I decided to learn more, first studying biological sciences, then sleep & body clock science, after which I trained across different therapeutic methodologies.

Fast forward several years and many credentials and a book later, and I have helped hundreds of people sleep well. I have turned my fascination into a passion and yes, into a career I love. Helping women sleep naturally. 


Dr Kat Lederle

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