A team culture that is sleep-friendly leads to increased productivity  

If we want our companies to flourish, employees must flourish at all levels, from executive leadership to entry level workers. 

Sleep itself doesn’t happen on the job – but it does impact job performance and team effectiveness. I can work with your company to ensure that your leaders and teams have a plan in place to ensure that they are well rested, enabling them to bring their best selves to the workplace. 

I have worked extensively with businesses, non-profits, schools, and universities to foster healthy sleep cultures and teach people how to develop their sleep sense (for examples see below).

Don’t let sleep problems caused by anxiety and a demanding business culture impact your company’s bottom line. Rather, ensure that good sleep is an asset for your team. Together, we can develop a strategy to make sure your company is supporting its employees and fostering a positive, well-rested organisational culture that values health and wellbeing.

People who sleep well are more effective, more creative, and work better with their colleagues. Workplaces that value healthy sleep as part of their employee wellbeing programmes see tangible, cascading benefits. They can help prevent employee anxiety and create more vibrant, less stressful work environments. But realising these benefits and instituting a sleep-friendly culture starts with education.

Let’s find the right fit for your company, whether it’s sleep seminars or webinars, hackathons, workshops, or even 1-2-1 sleep coaching as part of your employees’ benefits package. Or for yourself!