Sleep Coaching for Leaders

Effective leadership needs good sleep.

It can be hard for determined and dedicated business people to concede the importance of self-care and sleep. Many executives suffer from poor sleep and struggle to balance work, personal, and social obligations, resulting in frustration and fatigue.

A lack of healthy sleep can negatively impact leadership behaviour, including managing work responsibilities and decision-making. Being fatigued can also make it harder to motivate and inspire affecting employee’s level of work engagement while increasing frustration and exhaustion.

If this sounds familiar, it is time for you to take action. As a leader, you can take an active role in fostering a healthy sleep culture among your workforce.

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“Dr. Kat came and ran the most amazing project with the entrepreneurs we support in our network. We collected data about how we sleep and live our lives and used this as an input into a hackathon-style workshop to create our own ‘Sleep well, perform better’ plans. These were based on making small changes and nudging our existing behaviours in ways that delivered big gains. I’ve certainly benefitted from it – I feel calmer and more in control – and so do the entrepreneurs I work with.”  

– Head of People & Operations
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